Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access My Purchased Files?

You will initially be sent an email with the link and you can view your order history in your account - the menu also features a 'My Downloads' section and you can view your downloads by visiting this page as well.

Can You Create A Custom Font For Me?

Yes! A custom font starts anywhere from $80-300.00+ (usd), please remember it takes an excessive amount of time to align letters and kern but the initial conversion process takes just several days depending on how much material is provided for your font (if any).

What Does Free For Non-Profit Mean?

If you are part of a charity or non-profit group then my resources are free to use for your charity and fundraising needs. Please send me an email to get in contact and after I verify your connection and group, you'll receive a promotion code to apply to your order to access your content.

Are Dirt2 and SickCapital owned by the same people?

Yes, both websites are run by the same artist (Andrew Hart). Dirt2 Design Resources provides free downloads for all users and demo files while offers commercial licenses and royalty free purchases. You can learn more about me and my projects here.

How Do You Make Fonts?

I use a variety of programs, depending on what is available at the time. Some fonts I've experimented with in MS Paint when the electricity goes out while most others are projects I started on in Adobe Illustrator. To export the fonts I, again, use whatever is at my disposal including FontCreator, FontLab etc (High Logic's software is worth checking out for beginners).

What is considered appropriate usage of your works?

Resources and stock downloads provided on and are royalty free. You are free to use these creations in your commercial projects and as the license holder you are permitted to share your creations and full resolution/original files with your printer (nobody else is authorized to view the contents of the files).

Personal use includes non-profit art such as practicing graphics and personal designs you are creating, homework assignments, family/church/group/school projects where no money is involved. The Generic License uses allows 1 user up to 6,000 sales/prints for a specific font. Extended License uses allows 1 user unlimited sales for a specific font. Additional license options are available for multiple license holders/users.

100% free fonts do not need a license purchase but all donations are welcome to support the shop running costs and time spent creating future works.

Native American Communities Get Full Commercial Usage?

If you are working or living on a reservation or are part of a Native American community then you are permitted full extended commercial rights to the resources of your choosing. Contact me for verification and additional details.

Can I Upgrade My License Later?

Did you end up selling more than you expected? If you want to embed the font onto your website or sell unlimited items, make unlimited prints or use in software then you are able to upgrade your generic license to an extended license at any point by paying the difference cost via PayPal - if you are not using PayPal then contact me and we can arrange another set up option.

Why Are Your Prices So Low?

I create design resources with the intent of having them be accessible for anyone to be able to download. I understand what the reality is for most graphic designers especially if you are first starting out or first starting up a business. There is no point in paying hundreds of dollars for a fancy font when you don't know what the success of your business will even be which is why I try to make a generic license available to everyone with the ability to upgrade their license later in time (should they find success in their business).

Are You Available For Custom Work?

If you have a small project you need help with custom design work, custom fonts, custom logos, some social media graphics, print work, website help and such then contact me and we can make something magical.

May I Contact You With Some Questions?

If I failed to answer your questions or if you are working on a school project then don't hesitate to message me. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

I Have A Problem With My Order..

To resolve issues with your account or an order simply contact me so I can assist you as soon as possible.

I would like to report unauthorized use of your works.

Please contact me with any details you have regarding possible copyright infringement and I will take appropriate action. Feel free to upload photos, optionally you can include what you witnessed or a link to the products or works. Send me a message here.

Still got a question? Contact me here.