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Fundraising Overview

Welcome to the fundraising details page and public records for fundraising content for We Are The Media and My name is Andrew Hart and I am the founder of both websites so I've tried to combine my interests and projects into being able to help with funding associated causes.

Proceeds earned from the shop helps support various non-profit groups, activists or progressive political candidates. I initially started fundraising to raise money for Bernie's campaign and since then devoted myself to whichever projects needed my help. I try to spread my donations around to as many causes as possible since so many events come and go and things are always moving fast but I also focus the larger donations on the priority groups. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Native Rights Click the tab to view the supported causes and resistance camps I'm donated to and to view all donations made. I try to post as many screenshots and individual transaction IDs just as a personal record and for public transparency. In 2017 I started publishing my indigenous revolution fundraising details at

Political Fundraising Click the tab to view the past donation history. All proceeds will be donated to actively promoted campaigns and affiliated progressive candidates.

Native Rights Fundraising

Starting 2017 all native rights donations can be found at:

Presidential Campaign & Progressive Candidate Donations

Thanks to everyone for supporting my designs and fundraising efforts and helping me raise money for a political candidate that inspired greatness for many. The following records are pulled from my ActBlue history and all reference numbers are tracked. I provided some payment screenshots for various donations which you can click below.

2015-07-27 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $5.00
2015-08-18 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $5.00
2015-09-08 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $102.50
2015-10-20 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $107.00
2015-12-16 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $80.00
2015-12-31 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $5.00
2015-12-31 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $15.00
2016-01-24 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $100.00
2016-02-13 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $122.50
2016-02-27 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $125.00
2016-03-09 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $250.00
2016-03-23 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $34.56
2016-03-31 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $15.00
2016-04-08 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $330.00
2016-04-30 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $100.00
2016-05-17 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $200.00
2016-05-28 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $28.00
2016-05-31 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $150.00
2016-06-09 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $5.00
2016-06-09 Bernie Sanders Federal Candidate $1.43
2016-06-09 Russ Feingold Federal Candidate $1.43
2016-06-09 Tim Canova Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Zephyr Teachout Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Lucy Flores Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Pramila Jayapal Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Carol Ammons State: IL - Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Justin Bamberg State: SC - Legislative candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Terry Alexander State: SC - Legislative candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 David Bowen State: WI - Assembly $1.42
2016-06-09 Joe Salazar State: CO - Non-Statewide candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Clara Hart State: SD - Legislative candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Jane Kim State: CA - Legislative candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Chris Pearson State: VT - Senate or County candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Eric Kingson Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Paul Clements Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Tulsi Gabbard Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Raul Grijalva Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-06-09 Jeff Merkley Federal Candidate $1.42
2016-08-29 Tim Canova Federal Candidate $3.00

Amount Raised For Bernie Sanders: $1,800+

Thanks To All For Supporting

The following people have purchased content from SickCapital that helped raise money for political candidates and helps support - If your name is missing or if you would like your name to be private please contact me and let me know.

    Brian E.
    Gary G.
    Rich K.
    Shamia C.
    Sarah E.
    Rebecca M.
    Niko S.
    Dana L.
    Perihan S.
    Dennis M.
    Nicholos S.
    Morgan M.
    Robin B.
    Stephanie M.
    Matt M.
    Kratz K.
    Robert M.
    Natalie S.
    Randi R.
    Rebecca R.
    Emily R.
    Lucia M.
    Brad A.
    Alexander B.
    Maria R.
    Frank I.
    Bethany K.
    Steve S.
    Bob C.
    Blake H.
    Olivia C.
    Eric A.
    Eva B.
    Peter F. (x2)
    Daniel K.
    Christopher A.
    Jonathan W.
    Rick J.
    Patricia R.
    Carlos R.
    Cheri J.
    Garth F.
    Daniel P. -
    Sarah S.
    Sara L.
    Melissa Z.
    Alisand S.
    Nikki S.
    Scott M.
    Marie M.
    Theodore K.
    Max G.
    Mohammad R.

    Ben W.
    Harvey D.
    Rand O.
    Andy N.
    Gwendolyn L.
    Edward V.
    Emily T.
    Sherry B.
    Andrew S.
    Jamie S.
    Nicholas S.
    Christy M.
    Hannah H.
    Theodore S.
    Chris M.
    Paul H.
    David R.
    John H.
    Guy N.
    Rebecca P.
    Deborah U.
    Audrey M.
    Lindsay E.
    Madison K.
    Allisha T.
    John B.
    Luis L.
    Blue H.
    Sondra T.
    Heath E.
    Kokhita H.
    Barbara A.
    Richard M.
    Eric W.
    Marni J.
    Annette B.
    MJ S.
    Janet D.
    Benjamin S.
    Roy L.
    Steve M.
    Charlie C.
    Aimee B.
    Tom M.
    Alice S.
    Dana L.
    David M.

    Adam S.
    Crafti S
    Ahamed H.
    Emiliya K.
    Barry C.
    Jeffrey B (x2)
    Tiffany W.
    Carl B.
    Amanda K.
    Brittany S.
    Katrina M.
    Joe O.
    Catarina L.
    Tyler Y. (x3)
    Adriana T.
    Jamin B.
    Amanda H.
    Ernest P.
    Amber M.
    Robert P.
    Ebony M.
    Ricardo F.
    Jennifer G.
    Joel B. (x2)
    Amy H.
    Frank I.
    John B.-
    William D. (x2)
    Dominick C.
    Robert D.
    Kimberlee K.
    Ian C.
    Darren P.
    Justin M.
    Katie B.
    Myrna D.
    Angelica A.
    Bryan F.
    John Z.
    Adam C.
    Andie M.
    Antonio T.
    Andrea K.
    Lisa A.
    Elizabeth G.
    Rebecca J.
    Brad W.