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Font License Agreement

Updated August 13th 2016. This legally binding agreement pertains to font files by Andrew Hart (purchased from &

By purchasing fonts from, you (purchaser) hereby agree to this legal contract which is subject to change at any time without notice. If such changes occur, the previous agreement remains valid for purchases made before this document’s given date. This license is attributed to the purchased font file located in the download containing this copy of the font license. Please read each key point to ensure your satisfaction with your donation and usage for the font file. Thank you for supporting my work and I wish you the best with the success of your business endeavors.

A copy of your PayPal, debit or credit transaction will be used for association with your license.

What Is Considered Commercial Usage?

When there are parties exchanging goods or services for money/profit then it is considered a commercial transaction. This includes using the font to market your goods using a media form such as website logos (using the font in a logo to present a business or product would count as a distributed item), business cards, clothing designs (each item of clothing counts as a distributed item, each clothing design file counts as one distributed item), television broadcasts (each view is counted as a distributed item), movies (every movie file or copy of the film and/or package containing the font counts towards usage) or printed goods (each print counts as one distributed item).

What Is Considered Personal Usage?

Personal usage means you are using the resource in a manner where you are not trying to financially profit from the item they are being used in. This includes: your personal art projects or practice works, charities, family projects, non-profit organizations, homework assignments, personal scrapbooks, personal accessories, kids school fundraising.

License Types

Generic/Default License

The default license allows usage for one license holder to use one (applicable) font on up to 6,000 sold/distributed items. Each print, merchandise item, video view or sale involving content using the font will count towards this quantity limit.

Generic licenses cover usage for a wide variety of content: clothing, business cards, merchandise, music, commercially profitable video content, advertisements, prints and marketing material, brochures, logos as well as other commercial projects involving sales that may use the resource within limits which excludes extended uses such as: app embedding, software or website embedding (view the Extended License for additional details).

Extended License

The extended license allows for a wide range of usage for one license holder including: » Unlimited sales and prints for all medians. » Embedding in apps, games, interfaces and software. » Usage of included embed code and embedding in web pages. » Unlimited views for video content.

The (x15+) Extended Licenses option allows for any one business full usage access for all of it’s employees across all computers and devices. Additionally it allows unlimited commercial usage for all their print and business projects in the future containing decals and graphics with the font resource. License holders using the associated font for their works must be actively employed with the business that holds the original (x15+) Extended Licenses.

The number of persons that can use SickCapital/ fonts depends on the amount of licenses purchased at - To purchase or modify a bulk order just send me an email. For full restrictions please read the ‘limits of use terms’ below.

Limits Of Use & Unauthorized Usage

Commercial usage rights for and SickCapital fonts do not allow for font file redistribution or the resale of any resource as a raw resource entity (you may not sell my font files with the intent to redistribute resources made by others for your own gain). It is strictly prohibited to resell my fonts in bulk-sales or to redistribute my works with the intent of commercializing from my font files. Custom printing services that allow customers to select their own font are also not covered in license purchases and a written legal agreement must be made prior. Thank you for understanding!

Native American Tribes Allowed Extended Commercial Usage

I allow all U.S. Native Tribe members and natives living on reservations full extended commercial access to my fonts for the use of promotions, fliers, advertising, video, educational works, merchandise, activism designs and local business projects (with the exception of casino affiliated content or casino promotions or items sold inside casinos or for casinos). Please contact me for additional details for acquiring font files.

File Download Terms of Use

Feel feel to modify the file for your commercial and personal use but do not upload modified font files for the public or onto websites. Starting May 2014 font files from are time-unlimited which allows you to download the file whenever you would like.

Contact For Further Questions

Did you have any questions or were you interested in a custom font, custom lettering, extended symbols or freelance work? Let’s get to work and get the resolution that’s perfect for you! Contact me here.

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