Design Resources Commercial License Agreement

What Is Considered Commercial Usage?

When there are parties exchanging goods or services for money/profit then it is considered a commercial transaction. This includes using the work to market your goods using a media form such as website logos (using the artwork in a logo to present a business or product would count as a distributed item), business cards, clothing designs (each item of clothing counts as a distributed item, each clothing design file counts as one distributed item), television broadcasts (each view is counted as a distributed item), movies (every movie file or copy of the film and/or package containing the works count towards usage) or printed goods (each print counts as one distributed item).

What Is Considered Personal Usage?

Personal usage means you are using the resource in a manner where you are not trying to financially profit from the item they are being used in. This includes: your personal art projects or practice works, charities, family projects, non-profit organizations, homework assignments, personal scrapbooks, personal accessories, kids school fundraising.

License Agreement

The Commercial License For This Product Allows..

The commercial license allows for a wide range of usage for one license holder including: » Unlimited sales and prints for all medians.

» Embedding in apps, games, interfaces and software.

» Usage in websites and web pages.

» Unlimited views for video content.

» Customization and Resell of Modified Works for Print.

Each License is Applicable Per 1 User/Computer Every individual license is applicable to one user/license holder.

File Download Terms of Use

Feel feel to modify the resource for your commercial and personal use but do not upload modified files for the public or onto websites with the purpose of download the file directly in it's raw form as a resource download. The contents of your purchase may not be distributed to outside sources with the intent of profiting from it or download for their own usage - the license holder may distribute the works to a printer and their designer but to no other outside sources for any other purpose. If another source would like to use, download, modify or resell the works please direct them to - Thank you for your cooperation.

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